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Centralized Procure-to-Pay Platform
Stop using ineffective tools and save your time and headaches of email, phone calls, excel and lost information
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Elimimante constant followups with vendors and never worry about tracking down orders again with everything on one place.
Access to Marketplace Vendors
Get access to 1000+ Manufacturing Partners and get your business consumables delivered at your door step.
Procure your business consumables from a network of 1000+ Manufacturers
Pre-negotiated Suppliers
1000+ verified manufacturing & supply chain partners across the country.
Real Time order tracking & Last Mile Delivery
Streamline fulfilment of your business consumables from export ready factories to your door step.
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Digitized Procurement
Single platform for all your purchasing processes. Right from vendor & product discovery to vendor payouts.
Transparency and Spend Visibillity
Track your procurement costs and improve your cash flows with visibility on every purchase.
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