Basics of Restaurant Budgeting
Dyumni Pandit
March 19, 2022
Although restaurant budgeting is one of the most important parts of maintaining a restaurant, it might just be the most ignored one. Find out how to make a restaurant budget for you to get continued profits.



What is a restaurant budget? Restaurant budgets are one of the most ignored aspects of a restaurant; however, it is very important. A restaurant budget is critical for people in the restaurant business to get continuous profits. You can make a monthly restaurant budget, a weekly one, or a daily budget. 


A restaurant budget plan will give restauranteurs the right to make informed decisions, leading to the right actions and better accountability. Optimising a restaurant's budget is more important than ever due to the constantly developing restaurant industry and a shifting economy. 


Find out how restauranteurs can make use of multiple restaurant software to maximise their budgeting!


How to Make a Restaurant Budget 


Keep a Track of Past Sales 


Use a “Point of Sale” system and integrate it with the restaurant’s accounting system. This will automate the process to give accurate historical sales figures to approximate future sales. When you get full access to sales from the past, this will allow restauranteurs to keep a tab on sales averages and the number of counts. You can then compare sales at different times. 


When you need to synchronise current sales with the stock balance, you can consider using inventory management platforms. 


Define the Prime Cost


The Prime Costs are the particular expenses that you might have control over. That is, you can influence and minimize them after careful checking. Costs of Goods Sold and Labour Costs are a part of these expenses. 


If you adopt an Inventory Management Software that will help you track your COGS, it will give you the capacity to budget your expenses accordingly. 


Look at After  Operation Expenses 


You need to factor in operating costs necessarily if you want to make a restaurant budget sample. Costs needed to run a restaurant including maintenance, equipment, rent, insurance, and utilities eat up a major part of your expenses. 


These costs also include restaurant technology and marketing expenses too. Eventually, you need to include these kinds of costs of operations, strategise a restaurant budget breakdown so that it minimizes costs, and incorporate these into your restaurant budget. 


Quantify your Net Income 


After you pay all your expenses, you should calculate the exact income remaining. This is your net income. This will let you pinpoint, using your current budget, whether or not your restaurant will generate profit, break even, or incur losses. 


If your net income indicates a subpar performance, you need to re-evaluate your average monthly restaurant budget. If you use this strategy, you will be able to spot recurring trends over a period and make proactive decisions to improve your income in the long term. 



Now that you know how to create a restaurant budget, you can first create a restaurant budget template. These useful tips will help you determine your restaurant budget in a way that will increase your profits.


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