Benefits of Latest Technology in the Hospitality Industry
Dyumni Pandit
March 29, 2022
Here are some of the benefits that you get by digitizing your procurement process!

The hospitality industry used paper-based technology for its procurement process. It’s difficult to even imagine such monotonous work to assist your purchasing function. These inefficient and time-consuming processes have been forgotten ever since the procurement industry started digitizing itself.  

You can read our blog that talks about the latest technology trends in the procurement industry to understand which ones you can adapt easily. Here are some of the benefits that you get by digitizing your procurement process! 

Cost Reduction

 Procurement software will help you to structure your spending amongst your providers and let you track everything in one specific way. In addition to reducing spending by leveraging volume, the spend analytics of the software enables you to easily uncover any cost-cutting opportunities easily. If you use supplier scorecards and other risk management ways, then it will definitely be easier for you to track your vendors and reduce costs in other sectors as well. 

Supply Chain Management 

Firstly, you must know what is supply chain management. Rest assured, you don’t need an mba in supply chain management to understand the basics and efficiently manage your supply chain. Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services between locations and businesses. It includes the storage and movement of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods. It also consists of end-to-end order fulfilment from point of origin to consumption. Your restaurant or hotel can quickly source all your goods and services from anywhere across the world because of the procurement solutions. These solutions enable multiple languages, currencies, and shipping possibilities. Online procurement allows you access to suppliers from around the world and increases your options for vendors, services, and products. 

Enhanced Efficiency

There are many internal activities like purchase order tracking and supplier appraisal which have gotten automated due to the e-procurement technology available in the market. These result in enhanced efficiency in a flexible work place. 

There is almost no room for any errors if your whole process is automated. Your employees’ time gets freed for tasks that you can’t automate like contract administration and strategic sourcing. These need human involvement while some other processes don’t. 

Process Simplification 

Electronic document storage is possible by only procurement technology. It reduces the number of steps required to store data. Reusable temples are available at the beck and call of the user and engagement turnaround times decrease. 

Additionally, orders and contracts are present in the system so you will take less time to locate any older records you need. This will also reduce any risk of manual error and speeds up contract compliance checks. 

Accuracy of Data

By now it’s clear that the space left for human error is minimal due to the processing of data done electronically. You will be able to retrieve documents quickly from your repository to eliminate any data inaccuracies and verify contract compliance. 

With the help of your digitized procurement system, you can easily keep track of what your employees are doing and why. Therefore, you will be able to hold everyone accountable for their actions and the security of your data and its information as a whole will remain unaffected. 

Integration Inside the Company 

It is possible to almost remove or at least reduce asymmetrical information from your organization if you use an electronic purchasing system in all your departments. If you implement this procedure in all your sectors, all your employees will receive the supplies they need whenever they want. They won’t have to go through the whole procurement process on a daily basis. 


You can have your buyers look at prices and products that are accessible to them by handing out electronic catalogues. You can compare similar products across vendors and as these catalogues gain popularity, they will let you get the best value possible. 


Now that you know the importance of investing in procurement technology and tools for the long run, you know how productive they will help you become. There will be an almost immediate transformation in the workflow as soon as there is an increase in inefficiency. 

Additionally, you’ll save SO MUCH money in the long run, letting you invest more money for growth projects in your organization.