Tips to Customize and Connect for and with your Guests
Megha Chattopadhyay
February 21, 2022
Personalisation of simple yet significant parts of a guest’s stay with your hotel boosts visitor pleasure, operational efficiency, and the bottom line of a property. Maintaining a guest profile is the first step. You can also send tailored pre/post emails. If you want to read more on other techniques to customize for your guests, read along!

Personalisation is a big topic in the hotel sector, and it's critical that the industry continues to discuss it. The ambition to personalise the guest experience motivates not only a better customer experience, but also better hotel technology; the sort of technology that boosts visitor pleasure, operational efficiency, and the bottom line of a property.

Personalisation is no more a fad; it's a requirement. It's also not expensive or difficult to put into effect.


Visitor data is the foundation for a personalised guest experience. Your PMS (Property Management System) should help to collect and store visitor information, including stay history and contact information, in guest profiles such that you can recognise repeat customers and treat them differently. 

Additional information, like birthdays, anniversaries, preferences, and interests, should be saved to guest profiles. During contacts with guests throughout the stay cycle, the staff learns a lot about them, and this information should be documented and used to personalise guest satisfaction by anticipating needs.


Sending tailored pre/post-stay emails is simple with advanced PMS and CRM solutions for many hotels. Customized emails can be activated automatically by stay or booking dates, as well as other characteristics like room or rate codes, by using email templates that draw reservation information.

Pre-arrival emails are a great way to start customising the visitor experience. You can conduct pre-stay questionnaires to learn more about their wants and preferences (for example, dietary and transportation requirements, the reason for travel, etc.). 

You can also provide options to enhance the guest's trip by room upgrades and other amenities, allowing them to personalise their stay while your property reaps the benefits of increased ancillary revenue. 

Customers will feel valued even if you just ask them to let you know if they have any particular requests or how you might make their stay even better.

Post-stay emails can help build loyalty and offer hotels useful input that can be utilised to improve and personalise future visits after a guest's stay. Send each guest an email thanking them after their trip and requesting comments on their stay.

Whenever a guest makes a particular request or provides feedback, make a note of it in their profile.

Simple, tailored marketing notifications can be sent out later (based on the guest's booking and check-in dates) to invite them back. Mention to them you miss them, inquire if they miss you, and extend an invitation to return with a discount voucher.


Relevant packages and supplementary services offer value to your customers' stay and improve their experience. Create packages and add-ons that appeal to the various guest segments at your facility. Consider collaborating with local businesses, such as activity providers, to provide unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Consider your visitors, the amenities they love, and the reasons they came to see you. Babysitting, activity bookings, and playpens, for example, are popular with families vacationing with young children. On the other hand, couples like romantic elements like chocolate-covered strawberries or wine.

Your PMS should have rate and package management capabilities that enable you to create discounts and add-ons, sell them online, and restrict package access to specific consumers.


Travellers appreciate hotels that provide additional suggestions for unusual activities to do during their trip. Beyond the town's primary attractions, travellers are frequently looking for unique local experiences.

Sharing your expertise about local knowledge with your guests will not only improve their stay, but allow staff to interact with them on a more personal basis. The staff will share their own experiences and recommendations and get to know them (recording relevant information about guest interests in the PMS, of course). The guest experience is enhanced by genuine human interactions like this.


Personalised service is at the heart of hospitality, making guests feel more valued and inspiring loyalty, and it should be interwoven into every property's mission statement.

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Remember that, while technology represents a significant part in personalising guest satisfaction, the human aspect remains crucial.