Benefits of Latest Technology in the Hospitality Industry
Here are some of the benefits that you get by digitizing your procurement process!
18 min read
Technology Trends in the Procurement Industry
With the new age, procurement technologies have been introduced by businesses across the world to increase efficiency, profits, and make the whole process automated. This technology aids productivity, transaction transparency, cost, and accountability in the supply chain. Find out everything you need to know about procurement technology trends!
18 min read
Basics of Restaurant Budgeting
Although restaurant budgeting is one of the most important parts of maintaining a restaurant, it might just be the most ignored one. Find out how to make a restaurant budget for you to get continued profits.
18 min read
8 Tips to Increase Direct Bookings in your Hotel
Once you know why direct booking might be important for you, the most critical thing now is to establish a fine balance between your direct booking strategies and OTA. Your hotel brand's website is critical.
18 min read
Why is Direct Booking Important for your Hotel?
When it comes to generating additional bookings, as a hotelier, you simply cannot overlook the relevance and scale of the OTA market. However, there are plenty of compelling reasons to concentrate on increasing hotel direct bookings.
18 min read
Tips to Customize and Connect for and with your Guests
Personalisation of simple yet significant parts of a guest’s stay with your hotel boosts visitor pleasure, operational efficiency, and the bottom line of a property. Maintaining a guest profile is the first step. You can also send tailored pre/post emails. If you want to read more on other techniques to customize for your guests, read along!
18 min read
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